About me

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I work in the field of human resource development and have set my focus on health and leadership giving both a diplomatic touch.   With “diplomatic” I do not only refer to my time in the German diplomatic service but specifically to my passion for building relationships.
I find it essential to establish a connection between me and my counterparts. And I assist people to re-establish, to feel and strengthen the connection to themselves. I find it very rewarding to see other increase their abilities.
Here is an excerpt of the diverse roles I take on every day:
businesswoman, coach, homoeopath, lecturer, trainer, mother, future wife, sister, friend, daughter, dog handler, visionary, dancer, jogger, hiker, learner …
And for those who value titles:
• Graduate in Public Management
• Master of International Management
• General Practitioner
• Certified Master Coach (DVNLP / German NLP association)


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